About Us

Upon hearing about LNG projects proposed at the Port of Brownsville in 2014, a handful of citizens from McAllen to Brownsville met to learn more about what was being proposed. After lots of research and discovering the consequences of what LNG industrialization would mean for the RGV, outreach and educational events began to take place.

Support grew quickly and organized to form Save RGV From LNG. Over the years, organizations have supported our efforts and have collaborate to create resources, information, and training to help our cause of defending the RGV from LNG industrialization. Continuous contact began to emerge to form partnerships (and of course friendships) with the Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, Not Here Not Anywhere, Friends of the Earth France, and the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe. Other significant work has been with Earthworks, Backbone Campaign, Defenders of Wildlife, among with many local organizations.

Our members and supporters are a diverse group of extraordinary people living everyday lives giving their time, when they can, for a better future for the RGV.